October 14th, 2010

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Reen Brust: Our First Node-Point

Reen Brust and I go back a long way, and our paths intertwined in several threads. We we largely acquaintances early on, and more recently we warped in separate tapestries. Our friendship grew over many years and in unexpected ways. The story of our first major connection is worth telling.

(All quotes and memories are inexact; it's been a long time. But the impressions remain, and I shall try to be true to the spirit, if not the letter, of events.)

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Picnicon, 1979 Picnicon, 1979

Reen Brust (sitting), Dave Messer, Kara Dalkey in Wisconsin in the summer of 1979.

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Reen Brust Reen Brust

on the front porch of the Courts of Chaos in Mpls