November 2nd, 2010

New Tilley Hat

GOP Voter Suppression already

Here are just a few examples, as of early afternoon. I'm only posting real news sites and primary sources.

MN Anti-Voter Fraud Group: Ignore Judge's Ruling Against 'I.D. Me' Buttons

URGENT: Tea Party Activists Intimidate Black College Students in SC Update: First person account My Vote Nearly Suppressed or Their SC Dream Almost Realized "I had to fight to cast my African American vote".

Bogus Robocalls Still Bombarding Kansas

These are only the actions I could find more direct links to as reported on Daily Kos Voting problem reports and election protection: 2010 and searches.

Updates to follow, I'm sure. Republicans don't believe in democracy; conservatives don't believe in America.

Update1: Voter suppression reported in NC.  "This is not the first complaint of dirty tricks in this election."  The earlier complaint from the goppies...