December 28th, 2010

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Lost: A Triumph of production over exposition

Last night, I finished watching the last DVD of Lost. I've now seen all the episodes, all the commentaries, all the extras.

Final verdict: Not worth it.

The first season was fun, but it went downhill from there. The last season threw away the hard work of the first season or two, and the last episode just blew the whole thing.

Mild spoilers under the cut. More ranting than discussion, but if you want to remain tabula rosa, don't follow...
brief discussion of Lost including last episodeCollapse )
I will say that I ate up the episodes like candy. I (and eventually Carole) would insert a DVD and watch two or three or even four episodes in a row. Part of it was that the DVDs were in HD and I didn't have a digital cable connection at the time, so Lost was shiny. Part of it was that without commercials, I could see three episodes in the space of two broadcast shows. And part of it was being able to turn on Closed Captioning and pausing and such, plus viewing the extras.

Many of the extras were fun. My favorite is probably from the second season (I think), where they talk about the guy who's job it is to track the guns. Firearms get taken, leant and stolen, and making sure that Character A is carrying Weapon B is a major continuity problem.

I can't say I regret watching the thing, but I can't recommend anyone else does either.