January 13th, 2011

New Tilley Hat

FB Status Updates, catching up, dammit

continued from FB Status updates, election edition

My brother Joe will be interviewed by Keith Olbermann at around 8:15 (EST). Should be fun. / (Actually, the night before)

Thanks to all veterans out there.  We honor the warrior if not the war. [on Veteran's Day]

This is madness R2!

"Actually, each diocese should have its own" exorcist, [the bishop] added.
a bunch more under cutCollapse )
An armed society is a lawless society. [generated much comment, as you may imagine]

Hey, if the Seahawks can win a playoff game... Hurley's 'LOST' Numbers Win Fans Mega Millions Lottery Money Gleaned from Michael Dare

Decoding of Bird Death Maps. It all makes sense now. Sort of. Slipped under the door by Tom Wollenberg .

* Many of my friends would relate. Luann 12/12/10. [Fallen out of archive. Luann's mom bakes a cookie in the shape of a cell phone, and when Luann asks why, mom smashes it...]

* A few definitions and examples from a professional. "Note the interconnectedness of the speaker and audience. The general problem with discussing rhetoric in the current media environment is that the particularity of the audience is absent."

* Step lively, now. Walk faster and you just might live longer

* Another comic most of my male geek friends will relate too, and maybe some of the women. Click through the ad, and in case the link goes away this is the Beetle Bailey comic strip from 12/22/10.