March 8th, 2011

New Tilley Hat

Marscon 2011 photos up


20110303-04 Marscon 2011 Thursday and Friday

20110305 Marscon 2011 Saturday

20110306 Marscon 2011 Sunday

I had a great time throughout (except for the karaoke judging, which came at the end of a long day and featured people who probably shouldn't have been in a contest) and haven't quite recovered.

Marscon seemed both smaller and larger. 2011 had roughly the same attendance as last year, but we didn't quite see the crowds. Fewer old time fans, more new people, at least from my perspective. Bjo and John Trimble didn't make it, but I got up for a 10am panel anyway, "Dude, Where's My Flying Car?" which was fun.

This was cavandal's first Marscon, and she enjoyed it, but it left her bruised (from giving blood) and slightly ill (from some sort of con crud, we think).