June 21st, 2011

New Tilley Hat

Keith Olbermann got me a new phone number

This has been a political week for me, with Netroots Nation in town. I wrote a bunch of diaries for dailykos.com, with local guides to various aspects of the Twin Cities, many audio interviews, and one video interview (below). I've made several of the interviews into KFAI News reports.

After the convention: Keith Olbermann's return to tv, on Al Gore's cannel, Current TV. I'd be happy to see what Gore & co. have to say, and the return of Countdown makes it even more attractive. But Comcast Xfinity Basic HD (or whatever they call it) doesn't include Current TV. I need their Preferred package. I had Preferred before, and some of the channels were nice, but eventually dropped the package in a money saving move.

This time, however, Comcast is getting very aggressive (read "cheaper"). They kept slinging me packages, and for the first time their Triple Play package (internet, Xfinity Preferred, phone) is a mere $7 more than I'm currently paying for internet/Xfinity Basic... and includes a phone line. Further, they proffered a special deal which makes it $30 cheaper... for a year. The phone lady found me a package to reduce the install charges (all of which were for the unneeded phone) and the installer was late, so the install was only $30 (I think).

Upshot: I have a new phone number. That's in addition to all my other numbers, and Carole actually has a spare phone.

A bit more than a year ago I had one phone number -- the same minimum land-line number I've had for 25 years -- and Skype for long distance. Then I acquired a cell phone for travel. I hardly ever use it; bought 400 minutes a year ago and have nearly 300 left. (A few weeks ago, I added $1, so my minutes are good for another year.) Carole has her cell phone.

So this new number is the tertiary (if not downright quaternary) contact for both of us. Feel free to ask in e-mail/message, but be aware of the pecking order.

Oh, and Countdown's return was great. And one of his guests was... Markos Moulitsas, of dailykos.com, sponsor of Netroots Nation. Markos hadn't been on MSNBC for over a year because Joe Scarborough blackballed him. So much for MSNBC being the liberal answer to Fox "News" nutjob conservatism.

And Shockwave Radio interviewed Markos before he returned to Olbermann. *heh heh*

Baron Dave interviews Markos Moulitsas at Netroots Nation 6/18/11

Meanwhile, a rant taken from my last NN11 Diary.

liberal comedians cave to blowhard conservative liars -- a rantCollapse )