August 4th, 2011

New Tilley Hat

Slightly Less Preliminary Fringe Schedule

Geeze, I tried not to see too many shows... and failed.

Last year, I saw 45 Fringes. 49 if you count the dress rehearsals, which I do. This year I've seen several rehearsals but not dress rehearsals, so don't feel I can make salient comments, though they're slightly lower on my list for having seen much of the project.

You may follow along by visiting my Minnesota Fringe Festival page, where I add videos and audio files as created. Remember that the current photo gallery is also being added to.

Preliminary Schedule behind a cutCollapse )
Well, that should hold you. Heck, it might hold Carole and me. I'll see how burnt out I feel on Sunday before tinkering too much with next week.