September 6th, 2011

New Tilley Hat

A No Recipe, No Salt Added Egg-Drop Soup

Well, having asked "how many eggs should I put in a 6-quart soup container to make egg drop soup", I figure I should at least track things. This is likely to be a long narrative, so I'll put a lot of it behind a cut.

If the portions seem odd, it's because of my New Theory Of Cooking: Use it all up. Some of this I'm writing down as I go, some will have to be from memory as things get more active. Note the goal of the meal: Low salt, no sugar, low LDL/high HDL fats.

First step: Make the ginger/bullion.
Add about two teaspoons of Better Than Bullion (Lunds didn't have Lobster, so I went with Mushroom) into a coffee mug.
Cut up some fresh ginger (maybe four inches worth) into small cubes. Add to mug. This is most of the salt.

Microwave bullion and ginger until bullion is dissolved and ginger starts to release flavor. Put aside and let flavor come out while I do the rest. Microwave another few seconds every now and then to keep it hot.
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Okay, now here's the tricky part: Instead of adding noodles, I'm going to try for an egg-drop soup. the question is: How many eggs? That will depend on large part on how much room is left in the pot. Final tally: 9

When the water is hot, add the ginger/boullion. Then the fish. Then the tofu. Wait a little for them to cook.

Add other stuff.

Taste and recalibrate (no! Turned out great!)

Put down toast. (bad toast, bad!)

When simmering/boiling, add the eggs. Let 'em cook a minute, and serve.

Post mortem: Yum! One of my more successful efforts. Didn't need to add spices or more ginger/garlic at the end.

The only thing I'd do different: I was impatient and didn't heat up the soup enough before adding the eggs, so they came out a bit curdish. Still, they were a great addition.

Okay, I've now written down one (1) recipe...