September 20th, 2011

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Ten Years Later, Part IV: Bush blew his chance to be a uniter

I didn't vote for Bush but was willing to give him a chance as president. He quickly showed that he was just a tool of special interests and just didn't give a damn about America. After 9/11, he had his biggest chance to show that he was a uniter, not a divider. The country was with him. He could have, in one fell swoop, brought Democrats and Republicans together and strengthened our security by appointing Al Gore as head of Homeland Security. Gore is an expert on terrorism, and had correctly predicted that a major terrorist threat would be based on the weak security in our airports. By picking his election rival for a high cabinet position, Bush could have healed a LOT of wounds and made this country stronger.

Bush chose the partisan path, the incompetent, wasteful path. Ten years on, John Mica (R-FL) Chair of the House Transportation Committee who wrote the legislation behind the TSA said, "The whole thing is a complete fiasco". Instead of using the terror attacks to bring us together, he (and other Republicans) used it as a wedge issue in political fights. I don't forgive them for that. I don't forgive the gullible morons who bought into the sphincter-clenching fear.

Revealing the identity of a CIA agent is a felony or worse except if you're a Repubican. Republicans are always soft on crime when it's theirs. The moral relativists on the right just don't get how much they've damaged America's moral standing.

Because of the hawkish and religious radical right here in America is the counterpart to the Taliban, We have wasted billions and caused too many deaths.

Conservative Republicans like to kill people they don't like, whether innocent or not. The biggest applause line in the Sept. 8, 2011CE GOP Debate was when Texas Gov. and secessionist Rick Perry was asked about his record on the death penalty. Thanks to the Sphincter Republicans, the US has dealt death the world over.
Chart of Causalties of 9/11

And for all their whining about government spending, they don't mind spending your money to get very little. See chart re money Their basic assumptions are simply not true: A large government payroll is cheaper for taxpayers: Government Pays More in Contracts, Study Finds.

The extreme right just doesn't give a damn and will play politics with anything. Exhibit A is the Republican refusal to give money to 9/11 responders. It took Jon Stewart shaming Congress to get them to act.

By pulling America apart, George W. Bush is consigning America to the trash heap of history. The terrorists have won.

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