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"You're Riding The Shockwave", 1995

Shockwave Radio's Live Stage Show performed at Minicon 30, April 14, 1995. Written and Produced by David E Romm and starring the Shockwave Riders.

"You're Riding The Shockwave"

Minicon 30, April 14, 1995

Minicon had a long tradition of Shockwave at Opening Ceremonies, and we have always striven for technological innovation as well as fun things to do on stage. At the beginning of the World Wide Web, we were nearly the second performance transmitted over the net using M-Bone (The Rolling Stones were first) but, alas, that fell through at the last minute. The script was written with the net (and a net audience) in mind. I hope, at last, this can be appreciated. The network and computer jokes from 1995 hold up, as does the observation of Present Shock.

Indeed, listening to it again for the first time in years, I'm struck by how many in-jokes and obscure references still work, at least for me. A live audience involved a great deal of pacing: You don't want the laugh lines to be too close, or else the laughter will blot out the next line. On the other hand, you don't want to go too slow, or audience will lose interest. Not all interesting dialog has to be laughs. I got most of the major laughs I wanted, but some of the best jokes just slip by. I hope you can catch them now.

"You're Riding The Shockwave" was the third in the Time Travellers series for the Minicon Live Stage Shows. The reference to "...don't drag me back to last year's show, my voice will change" refers to 1994's "The Adventures of Jason Reignboughs" when the role was performed by Ed Eastman (who plays Mouse in this production).

The performance was a radio show, and was not theatrically staged. Some nice camerawork helps keep things visually interesting, but feel free just to listen. Some of you may have the Distribution Tape, which is edited a little bit.

Music by Ryan Alexander, written especially for Shockwave Radio.
Cast included members of The Bhigg House, Minicon 30's Fan Guests of Honor.

The radio show had to be exactly an hour for later rebroadcast, so I paid special attention to the timing, notably the ending. As is often the case for our Live Stage Shows, "You're Riding The Shockwave" is a combination of meticulous planning and last minute improvisation.

This video was the video feed that went over the hotel's channel. Minicon was over 3000 at this point, spread over three hotels. Back in 1997, I posted the full script on the web, and hadn't updated the HTML 2.0 files until now:
The rest of the potential script, full cast listing and other notes (though I haven't added everything as of this writing).
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