January 5th, 2012

New Tilley Hat

TV commentary update: Miracle Day &c

Carole seriously hurt her knee a couple of weeks ago, and will be in surgery on Monday. She's otherwise fine and in good spirits, and we've been catching up on old shows and watching new ones this week.

Lessons learned from tv this week:
1) If you're going to have illicit sex, don't do it in front of your computer.
2) If you're going to tell your fiance on your wedding day that you're not going to marry him, don't be standing in front of a balcony high up in the hotel.

Plus, we recorded the marathon of all the episodes of Torchwood: Miracle Day. She'd never seen any Torchwood at all, and I wasn't particularly impressed by the couple of seasons I've seen. But what the heck. We both liked it, somewhat to my surprise. Comments under the cut.
SPOILERS for Miracle DayCollapse )
Miracle Day was creepy and character-driven and sports a compelling season arc. Even if you've never seen a pervious season of Torchwood, I think most sf/fantasy/horror fans would like this entry.