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Monday, February 20th, 2012

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Baron Dave: Responsible Adult (to a point)
This afternoon, one of Carole's former HS students came over. Post-grad, she's been having a hard time of it, and got mugged on Friday. Carole consoled her, and I tried to feed her, but she didn't like tomatoes so my grilled cheese sandwich went for naught. She decided that she did, indeed, need to go to the emergency room. The snow started to come down; not terribly heavy, but it would make bus travel annoying. I offered her a ride.

Amid taking care of Carole and being chief cook and bottle washer at home, I'm still paying off my Car Karma from the years I was vehicleless. Yes, despite my best efforts, I've become a *shudder* Responsible Adult.

But still. She likes rap/hip-hop and has eschewed my collection. Fine as far as it goes, but if she's going to ride in my car, she's going to listen to my music. I still have some Sirius XM from the trial subscription, currently set to the 50s station. A Patsy Cline song came on, I Fall To Pieces.

"You know," I say conversationally, "later in her career she became a major rap star."


"Well, no. I just made that up."


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