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Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

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Minicon 47: Galleries up, more to come
I was going to do a longer Minicon report,and may still, but not right now. For the nonce, let me announce the completion of my photo galleries.

Public Facebook galleries:

20120404-6 Minicon Wednesday-Friday, which include the work party Wednesday and the pre-con party Thursday.

20120407-09 Minicon Saturday-Monday.

Still to come: Art of the Snapshot 2 photos and narrative; Encore: The Encore. Maybe even some pics from the upcoming Post-Mortem on Sunday or other stuff.

For my birthday on Friday, I may just get some sleep. *yawn*

Added 4/12 First pass through The Art of the Snapshot 2, with the images shown at the panel, now up. I'm likely to add more later.

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