July 13th, 2012

New Tilley Hat

Lyndale Garden Tour

Public Facebook Gallery: 20120712 Lyndale Garden Tour.

I've been taking pictures at neighborhood-sponsored events for a few years, and now the neighborhood association of the neighborhood I actually live in asked me to take pictures for their sixth annual Lyndale Garden Tour. (I'm in the Lyndale neighborhood, technically speaking.)

It was really interesting. The front of many houses are festooned with gardens and foliage and decoration, but I've never been in the back yards of any of the houses on the tour. Wow. They mentioned what some of the fauna was, but it all bounced off me. I'm sure you gardeners amongst my readership will have loads of fun.

In two hours we hoofed more than two miles. And I had to walk back from the reception. I'm glad of the exercise, and also glad it wasn't too hot.