August 24th, 2012

New Tilley Hat

My Day at the Fair: August 23, 2012 CE

Public Facebook gallery: 20120823 MN State Fair

Because the annotations on the photos are extensive, I'm not going to give a complete rundown. I took pictures of everything I ate, all the acts I saw on stage and the stuff I bought. So here are a few bullet points:

• Bacon Ice Cream: Tastes sort of like Pralines and Cream; sweet and salty with bacon at the end. I liked it; recommended.

• Lamb Fries: Even warned that these were lamb testicles, I gave them a try. Regretted it some hours later. NOT recommended.

• London Broil sandwich: Despite not being a new food this year, I don't recall ever having one before. It was good. Recommended.

Todd Menton: I know Todd mainly through Boiled in Lead. Here, he was "solo", which meant he was backed by Lehto and Wright, who Rachel R. and I saw last year. I took some video, and will check with them to see if I can post a song.

Tonic Sol-Fa: Gave a great concert, as usual. I captured one song on video, but haven't looked to see if it's good enough to post.

• Butterfly House was scaled back a bit from previous years, but still loads of flitty fun.

• Bought honey, knife sharpeners and a Tonic Sol-Fa CD. Have yet to test any of them.

• Going early on the first day was good: Everyone was fresh and it wasn't hugely crowded until later. The threatened thunderstorms never materialized and the few drops of rain in later morning delayed the major crowd for a couple of hours.

• Didn't talk to any political candidates. The downside of an early Fair visit.

• On warning from Carole, didn't visit the swine barn (or any animal exhibit).

Despite going alone, I had a great time.
New Tilley Hat

In which the Wells Fargo refuses to talk on the record and I'm nearly arrested

Well, that was interesting. The Wells Fargo called the cops on me. I disputed two charges. One of which, the bank fee on my checking account, their paperwork, which they showed me, highlighted, was clearly in my favor. This is the third or fourth go-round on this issue, and each time they've told me a different thing. So the bank clerk, Omar, said he'd get the manager. OK fine, I said, but since bank people kept telling me different things, I was going to videotape what this manager said so I'd have a record of it. Oh no, they cried, you can't do that! Ah, said I, it's my policy to record statements. You don't want to go against policy, do you? So they called the guard who was calling the police station. I recorded that much.

Clearly, deregulation of banks has been a miserable failure. I'm preparing a statement of complaint to the MN Atty General. Where this will go, I don't know. Will I need put the video I took on YouTube? We'll see.

Since I posted the above on FB, I've printed out the necessary form for a complaint to the MN Attorney General, copied my bank statement, made a copy of the policy to waive the fee (which I clearly meet) and made a copy of the ATM receipt showing no additional charges.

Who should I send this to beside the Atty General? Rep. Ellison is on the House Banking Committee. I'm sure he'd like to pick a fight with banks in an election year. Anyone else?

I don't want to be at odds with the bank. Really, I don't. But Wells Fargo stopped being a bank I could trust; heck, it stopped being a bank. Occupy Wall Street showed the way: If enough people get together peaceably, we can at minimum change the dialog and at maximum change the politics.