October 18th, 2012

New Tilley Hat

New TV Shows 2012 third pass

Arrow A-

Emily Owens, MD B+

Nashville D

Arrow: The Dark Green Knight Rises. Far closer to the Frank Miller Batman than the Denny O'Neil/Neil Adams Green Arrow, this Ollie North has Mad Arrow Skillz and is more than willing to kill to get revenge. You see, he was on this boat, screwing the sister of his girlfriend, when it blew up killing her and stranding him and his billionaire father in the middle of nowhere. The father kills himself and the other survivor so that Ollie would have a chance to live, which he does, if you call that living. He winds up on this uncharted isle (non-desert) for five years. Conveniently for the story (and more-or-less faithful to the comic), he learns archery and hand-to-hand combat.

The first two episodes have been good without either of them breaking into great or descending into caricature. I'm going to be optimistic and keep it for a while. Hey, I like the dark Batman (though not The Dark Knight Rises, which was a season of 24 and not a story about obsessions).

I was prepared not to like Emily Owens, MD. I'm not really fond of medical shows (though Carole is) and the heart-on-her-sleeve heroine turns on whether you like the heroine or not. But the pilot was gorgeously written. It reminded me of the better episodes of Scrubs; pathos without the over-the-top comedy. I'm not sure I like Emily just yet, but the ensemble acting was good, with believable and interesting characters.

Nashville is the worst of the High School melodrama of Glee and the worst of the show biz backstabbing of Smash without the excellent singing and dancing to make you sit through garbage time. The country songs were okay, but not really better than that. I suppose that's a lot to lay on one episode, but neither of us were impressed. We have another on our DVR to be watched, which may be the last.

A few episodes in:
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