November 1st, 2012

New Tilley Hat

Heartland Perverts 2012

A while back, on Facebook, I got into a discussiion about sex crimes and disgusting viewpoints. I had been keeping tabs on pervs in the news since the spring, both Republican and Democratic mentions. Not particularly comprehensive, and several stories were mentioned more than once.

One of those "everybody does it" apologists for the Republican party chimed up saying one party was as bad as the other. Not so, I claimed, and Andre G. said, okay, let's compare lists.

Finally, here is said list, put into handy chart form, with redundancies cleaned up and slightly updated from our original conversation. These aren't in chronological order, but all are within the last six or eight months.

And to make the comparisons more visually striking, I added cites from the bottom of the table. This makes the comparison by party more dramatic.

I have yet to see the other guy's list, but at least mine is now out there.actual chart under a cut to make it easier for some of you to ignoreCollapse )