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Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Time Event
Thanksgiving in DC 2012
Public Facebook Gallery: 20121122-25 Thanksgiving in DC

Carole and I had a short visit to Washington DC for Thanksgiving. We left early Thursday, the day of Thanksgiving itself. Not terribly crowded at 6am, and Delta was terrific with their wheelchair service for Carole, both here and in DC.

Thanksgiving dinner was great, as usual. Brother Joe and Sister-in-Law (slaw) Patty are great hosts, and niece Antonia is now five ("five and two-thirds... no five and three quarters!") Brother Dan and slaw Joyce, nephew Jake and Patty's sister Sandy and nephew Alex rounded out the dinner.

Turkey with all the fixin's. Yum! And we had a Leftovers dinner the next day, which continued to be Yum.

Our tradition of seeing movies that Antonia would like was broken, as there were no Harry Potter movies to see. She and Sandy went to a kid's show and most of us went to Lincoln. Highly recommended. Screenplay by Tony Kushner and directed by Steven Spielberg, with amazingly great performances by everyone. I hardly recognized some well-known actors, as they were immersed in their characters and great dialog.

Our only tourist day was Saturday. Dan, Joyce, Jake, Carole and I went to the comparatively new Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Hangar, opened in 2003. Has all sorts of airplanes and spacecraft. We saw an iMax movie about an air show which featured vintage planes racing; a half-hour of stuff mostly of interest only to those really into the planes. Not recommended. But the hangar itself is highly recommended, even though it's about 45 minutes from the city (depending on traffic).

Sunday was a travel day. This was the first trip I've taken in a while that a) was in daylight and b) I had a window seat. One of the advantages of traveling at off times with someone needed wheelchair access. With my noise-cancelling headphones and a bunch of sudokus courtesy the Delta boarding pass print out, I was happy. The seats were smaller, but everything went smoothly.

Not quite recovered. I'm a few days behind in NaHaWriMo, and we're prepping for a much longer trip over the winter break -- driving to Oregon. More on that closer to the event.

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