January 6th, 2013

New Tilley Hat

Preliminary stats from trip to Oregon

Left Dec. 21, 2012CE. Returned Jan. 6, 2013CE. Tired, terse. More later, but in the meantime:

Miles driven: 4212.4
Grandkids visited: 2
Nephews visited: 1
State troopers met: 1
Major snowstorms encountered: 0
Lowest temp recorded by car: 0 (several times, and temps often in single digits)

States visited: 8 (not counting MN)
Continental divides crossed: 2 (one each way)
Museums visited: 3
Monuments carved out of mountains visited: 2
LEDs arranged as animals and other zoo/kid stuff: around a million
Religions discussed and/or practiced: 4 (counting the various Native American religions as one)

Cameras used by Carole and me: 6
Pictures taken by me: around 850. (Hard to pin an exact number due to various backups and edits on the fly.)
Number of statues of bison photographed: 8 (I think)
Number of bison photographed: 1 by me, Carole got around 6
Camera shy ospreys: 1
Back ends of mountain goats barely missed: 1

Wood-heated houses lived in: 1
Hotels stayed at: 8
Below average restaurants visited by randomly picking places: 1
Interesting people met along the way: lots!

It was a great trip, if exhausting. I'll start working on the photo galleries... tomorrow.