January 21st, 2013

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20121227-29 Trip to Oregon and Back: Portland, OR

Continued from 20121224-26 Trip to Oregon and Back: Christmas in Bend, OR. More images at 20121227-29: Road Trip 3, Portland OR

Once again, a long, photo heavy report. Taking pics of grandkids is more interesting than pics of dinosaur bones, I guess.

Spaghetti Factory, Clackamas OR 12/27/12
Spaghetti Factory, Clackamas OR 12/27/12

I envisioned a side trip to Portland in the planning stages of the epic journey, but implementation details were always sketchy. Various friends in Portland gave us advice and such, but meeting up in our narrow window was tricky. Maybe I should go alone, leaving Carole and the kids overnight? We eventually decided to take the kids and go for two nights. Wenonah and Justin agreed, which also gave them time for some hiking. This schedule gave us time to do a couple of Portland Things and still make the 3 1/2 hour drive in a leisurely manner.

We checked the weather, checked for kids things to do and arranged a hotel. Transfering the kids' seats to my car, we gathered all our gear and took off through the Oregon mountains.

Beautiful. We had missed the scenery by arriving at night, and finally had a chance to see the mountains in their glory. The weather cooperated, and all the "carry chain" areas (where you could be fined if you didn't have tire chains or studded tires) were clear. We occasionally encountered "Runaway truck" side roads: How much of a problem are they?

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On the road back to Bend, OR 12/29/12
On the road back to Bend, OR 12/29/12

A great experience with the kids, but I wasn't a happy camper. I was itching to explore a brand new (to me) state. Don't make me eat you.

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