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Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

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20130105 Trip to Oregon and Back: Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial
Continued from 20130104 Trip to Oregon and Back: Salt Lake City and Antelope Island. More images at 20130103-06 Road Trip 5: OR, ID, UT, WY, SD, MN

Approaching Mount Rushmore 1/5/13
Approaching Mount Rushmore 1/5/13

Approaching Mount Rushmore 1/5/13
Approaching Mount Rushmore 1/5/13
All the states are represented

Dave at Mount Rushmore 1/5/13
Dave at Mount Rushmore 1/5/13

Our last day in the Mountain Time Zone was a brilliant strategic success and a brilliant tactical success, but the day started off inauspiciously.

The hotel near Casper, WY was okay. Cheap and old, for a hotel, but we didn't demand much. Still, breakfast was skimpy and the tv was blaring some anti-government rant instead of useful weather information. I mean geeze, I know Wyoming is a red state, but the hotel in Montana was great. Waking up to hatred every day hardly makes for good customer relations.

Driving through Wyoming in the daylight was great. We were still in the mountains, though not the sharp rise of the Rockies, and the countryside rolled by pleasently.

The highway connection between Casper and Rapid City took us through more back roads than any other leg of the journey. Back on US 20, and only on an Interstate for a short shile, then through a series of local roads. 25 mph in the SD mountains with no guardrails...

more narrative and photos under the cutCollapse )
The Crazy Horse Memorial has a museum complex of 80,000 square feet. I'm not sure that includes the restaurant or the artist's workshop or outside walkways. The museum and gift shop were open much later than dark. Just exploring the museum took several hours. Carole, with limited mobility, stayed to see the movie about the sculpting while I went deeper into the museum/workshop/quarters. We met back in the gift shop. One of two gift shops: One just for products made by natives, the other more touristy shop, both in one big room with separate registers (but either could ring up any purchase).

We asked when the gift shop closed. "Oh, we'll stay open as long as anyone's still here." We had made the right decision as to the order of the monuments. *whew*

Crazy Horse Memorial at night 1/5/13
Crazy Horse Memorial at night 1/5/13

To be continued... and finished... in 20130105-6 Trip to Oregon and Back: Zipping home through South Dakota and Minnesota.

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