April 1st, 2013

New Tilley Hat

Minicon 48 galleries

Minicon was great. Our Guests of Honor were wonderful. Programming was interesting. The music (most of which I didn't get to) was marvelous. Children's programming looked fun. The Teen Room and Next Generation events went well, even the ones that didn't have much Next Gen participation.

MN-StF President Carole wasn't assassinated. As I raised the scimitar, she proclaimed, "The pen is mightier than the sword!" and resigned. Well! We haven't had a President resign in more than 600 parsecs. So we convened a Council of Cards, and with three different decks played out a hand until Patricia was declared the new President.


20130327-29 Minicon 48 pt. 1, from the Work Party through Friday.

20130330-31 Minicon 48 pt. 2, Saturday and Sunday

Added 4/8/13: 20130406 Minicon 48 Post-Mortem

The video I made of Richard's games, which we played behind the interview at the con: Richard Tatge on Gaming

I didn't get to everything I wanted to, but I was busy. Mom had a great time. Whee!