August 3rd, 2013

New Tilley Hat

2013 Fringe Festival Day 2: A quick Fringe with Werewolves

We didn't have a lot planned for today. I worked on getting Nicollet Repaving photos done (I'm way behind) and other chores. Firmed up plans to be the Fringe expert on KFAI, aired one interview with Natalie Wass and scheduled me to be on The Morning Show at about 7:10am on Monday. So the weekend will be busy, but probably not heavy Fringing.

But in the meantime:

How To Date A Werewolf (or, Lonesome, Wild and Blue)

x x x 1/2 (rounded up to four on the Fringe site)

Death and the maidens

A three-creature play about being The Other, presented with wit and daring. How do you find love when you could turn into a werewolf at any moment, and you could infect your partner? Oh, and your best friend's a zombie who gives advice about ordering in restaurants. The occasional heavy-handed metaphor slows things a bit. Three and a half stars rounded up for a delightfully nuanced performance by Joy Dolo.

Carole like this one more than I did, though I think we both wound up around four stars.

Continued from 2013 Fringe Festival Day 1: A Five Star Start.

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