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Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

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NYC for Mom's Windows, Pool Party pics, etc.
I'm a bit behind in reporting to LJ. On the plus (or at least interesting to me) side is that I now have more than 18,000 photos on Facebook. And I still get comments/likes from pics posted five years ago. So it's worth the effort to post and annotate.

Public Facebook Gallery: 20140301 MN-StF Pool Party

A few weeks ago, my mother was informed that her apartment, one of 365 units in a high-rise complex on Roosevelt, Island NY (technically part of Manhattan) would have her long-awaited window installation. She wasn't read, and called me in to to help. I didn't have time for fannish meet-ups, and barely made it into Manhattan proper at all, but we did clear enough space for the installers and put everything back.

Public Facebook Gallery: 20140214-23 Visiting Mom in NYC

A few pics under the cut, showing the effort around just one of the three windows.

My original plan was to make an LJ report with more before and after photos and such, but I wound up with the equivalent of con crud after the ten-day trip, and Other Things have snuck up. So let me just put the list of things we donated to the Thrift Shop here, behind the cut. This is a pretty rough count, as I did a lot on the fly, but it's what we're claiming as tax deduction:

List of items donated and a few picsCollapse )

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