June 2nd, 2014

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I Am A Convergence and So Can You -- updated for 2014

Welcome to Convergence 2014

A Brief Introduction For The First Time Con-Goer

or I am a Convergence, and so can you

By Baron Dave Romm

Updated for 2014 CE: This is an update of I Am A Convergence And So Can You, which I created in 2012 and updated in 2013. Mostly, what I've done is update the links and add a few bits. The advice, snark and jokes are largely the same.

Claimer: I'm Dave Romm, aka DavE or Baron Dave. I'm not on the Convergence Committee and have no direct relationship with the convention except as a member, panelist (but not this year) and, of course, as a volunteer in several capacities. I produced Shockwave Radio Theater, a science fiction program, for almost thirty years, and talked to many authors, actors, con runners and costumers, among others. I've been to all the Convergences, and to scores of other conventions of various sizes. I was Fan Guest of Honor at Minicon in 1990 and Marscon in 2004. Many people have asked about coming to Convergence: What should I see? What is there to do? Let me take you on a short guide, from a personal perspective.

Welcome to Convergence! There is no Neofan's Guide, as such, though the con provides a What is CONvergence page, but I've provided an introduction to new fans for other conventions so have the template for this Convergence overview. Everyone is amazingly friendly and will be happy to answer any questions you have. Just be prepared to get different answers from different people.

I'll note here that the Convergence itself likes to be spelled CONvergence, but I'm too 20th Century. The con's shorthand is CVG, good for texting or keeping things short. Unlike here.
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Baron Dave Romm is a real baron of a fake country. He produced Shockwave Radio Theater, for nearly thirty years. He likes being weird at science fiction conventions, and encourages others to be so. This means you.