Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Port Lock Roy postcard arrived!

On the Endeavour, the purser would mail cards and letters for you from Antarctica... but they would do it from Port Lockroy (which I've been spelling Port Lock Roy in my journals). Unfortunately for us, the British research station wasn't open when we visited. So they would send mail next trip. Finally got the Port Lockroy postcard I mailed to myself, postmarked December 27, with a nice penguin stamp (though none of these.) Because of the delay, I only mailed a few from the ship. I think this means only the Vernadsky Station cards are left; the Ukrainian station said they would be mailed from London. According to my records, the only LJer I mailed from Lockroy is puffpastry. Let me know!

Much thanks to siwvonpein. I just got your pictures in the mail! They look great!

Siw is a German friend from the expedition who is only on LJ to read messages like these. Everyone say hello!

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