Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Harry Belafonte shreds Wolf Blitzer

On today's The Situation Room, a few minutes ago, Wolf Blitzer grilled Harry Belafonte on his "Bush is the worst terrorist" remarks. It was a terrible interview, with Blitzer sounding more like Matt Drudge than a real journalist. But Belafonte was terrific, answer all the questions, even the stupid ones, superbly. He was articulate, accurate and compassionate. I don't agree with all his characterizations and wouldn't use all his metaphors, but the man sure blistered Wolf's hide. If the The Situation Room transcript site ever releases this one, read it, and have Belafonte's hoarse but insistent voice in your head.

The next segment was another puff piece on "Bush is no Oprah, but he's going off script." Doesn't help: he still sounds like an idiot.

UPDATE Here is the transcript of the Blitzer/Belafonte exchange, near the middle.

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