Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Vikings win, so more pictures

Well, the Vikings won, clinching the division title, after spending years screwing up such opportunities. We'll see how far they get in the playoffs. In the meantime, the sedate euphoria and bright sunshine out my window enables (in the addiction sense) to do two things I rarely do: Post a picture just of a cat, and post four pics. I'm using the LJ scrapbook, so the pics should upload reasonably well. (note to dreamshark: I don't see how to use the Post to Journal feature to post multiple pics. What do I need, tags?)

Comet, sleeping by fire
Comet, sleeping by fire
minnehaha residence, X-Mas 2008

Bonnie Somdahl
bonz_lizard being bonz_lizard
Harriet Manor, Boxing Day 2008

Mary, perched
7ivy7 perched, listening to music
Harriet Manor, Boxing Day 2008

Meerah sleeping
Meerah sleeping while mom fiddles upstairs
Harriet Manor, Boxing Day 2008

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