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25 Random Things About Me

davidschroth beat me to it, so instead of blazing a trail, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. So be it.

Over on Facebook, I got tagged with one of these things that I rarely respond to here on LJ, but kalmn tagged me and I've reconnected with enough old friends and made new ones that it was time to catch up.

25 Random Things About Me Thingie

1. I'm an accidental geek: Basically, I'm a journalist/fanzine publisher, and learned the tools necessary to publish online.

2. Published fanzines: An incomplete list. In my faannish career, I have published hundreds of apazines; was OE of RAPS; was in on the early days of Vootie (though I'm not a furry); co-edited Two Magicians w/Frank Balazs; co-edited Rune, the MN-StF clubzine, with Jeanne Mealy; was editor of the 1977 Worldcon (Suncon) daily newsletter; have been editor/guest editor/contributor to dozens most of the Bozo Bus Tribune (Minicon daily newsletter), contributed to many more fanzines and even had a couple of pieces of art published. If none of these publications mean anything to you, just remember that these were printed, not published on the web. I don't have copies of all of them (esp. the apazines), and the majority were done twenty or more years ago. Still, it feels like an accomplishment, if only being a medium-sized fish in a small pond. Blogs/on-line comments/Facebook scratches the apazine itch, but it's not the same.

3. I've been a radio producer/podcast producer for 30 years. Yeah, that amazes me too.

4. I love to take photographs, and have done so all my life; continually though not continuously.

5. It took the digital revolution to make darkroom work easy, cheap and fun enough for me to dig out my old pictures and play with them. Whee!

6. While I haven't been active in a while, my best skill is still probably massage.

7. I have been to both Andorra and Antarctica.

8. I know more people who have been to Antarctica than who have been to Andorra.

9. I don't have a cell phone and don't really want one. I've had the same phone number for more than 20 years.

10. I had the same doctor as Bob Dylan.

11. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

12. Thanks to Netflix, I can see how much of my delivery derives from Steve Landesberg as Lt. Deitrich on Barney Miller. Or maybe he modeled from the same people (Steve Allen, Woody Allen, etc.)

13. My favorite movie of all time is Sunrise. I haven't seen it in over 30 years, yet recognized it instantly when channel surfing a few months ago. Now I want to flix it.

14. I once met Lillian Gish.

15. I have been Guest of Honor at two science fiction conventions. Both were in the same city, though 14 years apart.

16. Despite being a mild Extrovert in the Myers-Briggs inventory, I'm still pretty shy. I don't have any chat-up lines.

17. I'm overweight, but in good shape and under no medication. Doctors urge me to slim down. Lipitor salesmen shake their heads in frustration.

18. I didn't own a car until my mid 40s. I've only owned one car in my life, which I bought new. In nearly 10 years, I have just over 42,000 miles.

19. Just so everyone is up to speed on personal stuff: I moved to Minneapolis in 1978, My parents divorced a few years later. My last surviving grandparent died in 1990 at age 90. My father died at the tail end of 1999, just missing Y2K events which he would have pooh-poohed since Y2K wasn't until Jan. 2001. My mother is 83 and going strong. I'm the oldest: My middle brother is a medical doctor. My youngest brother has a PhD in Physics from MIT and is an expert in Climate Change and energy conservation. Wow, that's a lot for one bullet point.

20. I collect weird music, among other genres, and have a fair amount of stuff that CDDB doesn't recognize. I have to do a lot of typing in iTunes and in my databases.

21. Sometime in 2009, I will have passed the time I spent in my previous residence to make my current address the second longest. Only the time spent growing up in Middletown New York was a longer residence.

22. I have lived in only four cities long enough to establish residence: Middletown, NY; Albany, NY (college); Detroit, MI (for six months), Minneapolis, MN. Add another to count the city I was born in (and spent the first two years of my life) and add a sixth for a sojourn into Berkeley CA for a couple of months where I had a job and got mail. But basically, four.

23. Monty Python is the height of humor, but I've never gotten into Firesign Theatre. On the other hand, I don't know any of the Pythons and two FS members are friends who have been in my radio plays.

24. Politically, I remain a Radical Middle of the Roader. This makes me a flaming liberal by today's standards, even though it doesn't feel much different than when I was on the conservative end of the spectrum in the 70s.

25. I still have my draft card from the Vietnam War.

I'm not going to tag anyone here on LJ, but if you want to randomize about yourself, go ahead.

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