Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Is Qwest bundling services? Part II: solved but not resolved

Well, part of the mystery of The Appearing Caller ID has been solved. I got a bill from ACN in North Carolina. They claim they're now my local and long distance phone company. The "service" started 1/12, about the time I noticed Caller ID numbers. I never authorized any such thing, and Qwest was still my phone company as of when I called them last week (and paid my bill the week before). The ACN voice mail system was ridiculous and I kept hitting "0" until I got a real person, who apologized and opened a case file for their Fraud Division to look into.

I'm still suspicious. If I don't get a good resolution in a day or two (when they'll call me back) I'm going to the MN Atty General. Maybe they owe me money, for the insult and time spent fixing their problem, if nothing else.

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