Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

The Jabberwocky: Explained!

Yesterday, January 27, 2006CE, would have been Lewis Carroll's 173rd birthday. On LiveJournal, it was (to some) Rabbit Hole Day. On Shockwave Radio Theater (3:30pm Central, Sat, 90.3FM Mpls, 106.7FM St. Paul), Brian and I will be reading The Jabberwocky and attempting to explain what it means. We'll go on a bit, and maybe play some related songs by Neil Sedaka and Steeleye Span (!).

If you miss the broadcast, I'll have it podcast at some point RealSoonNow, or you can listen on the KFAI Shockwave most recent site. This will be good from roughly 4:30pm today to when it's updated next week, and for the next week it will be the previous show.

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