Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Random songs as my life story

There I was, explaining to freeimprov that my iTunes doesn't have a Shuffle playlist, but a Party Shuffle playlist (with songs I've marked with four or five stars, with some random) and was going to poo poo the virus, but the results are interesting. So.

The Movie Soundtrack rules, modified because I'm the Director producing my Autobiography, dammit
1. Open iTunes
2. Put it on Party Shuffle
3. Look at the list, starting with the next song that would be played and continuing until you fill out the movie proposal
4. Submit your soundtrack
6. Be honest, it's your life.

Opening Credits:
Twin Cinema - The New Pornographers

Waking Up:
Starsoul - Urban Tapestry

First Day At School:
People Are Strange - Brave Combo

Falling In Love:
So Glad - B. C. Reed

Breaking Up:
No Shoes-live - Foremen, The

Something So Right - Paul Simon

Life's OK:
Good Golly Miss Molly - Boss Martians

Mental Breakdown:
Yesterday - Boyz II Men

Loves Me Like A Rock - Paul Simon

Prince of Darkness - Nylons, The

Getting Back Together:
Yellow Submarine - The Beatles

Death Scene:
It Will Be Over Before You Know It - primeTime sublime Community Orchestra

For the record (of as 'of the record' as LJ gets), at least three of those categories don't apply to me even if you don't count the last one, and at least one of them is completely opposite. Ah, movie fiction.

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