Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

I have gone digital

Well, I have digital tv. I had cable, so the conversion (whether delayed or not) wasn't going to affect me, but Comcast did more or less what I expected: Analog and digital are the same price. The major difference is an extra monthly charge for the cable converter, but that's also a TiVO-like recorder, which for the moment will replace any other converting/recording media (thanks, dreamshark). Indeed, with a signing special, I have Preferred Service for less than I was paying for standard analog cable. At the end of six months, I just have to remember to go back to Basic Digital. Unless I get too used to having zillions of channels.

This completes (for the nonce) the Long Term Project I had in mind several years ago when I got this HD Capable (but not HD Ready) tv. Not only was the tv ready, but it has enough inputs for the DVD and even the VCR, with inputs left over for a Blu-Ray and a hook up from the computer.

Another remote, another set of protocols to learn...

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