Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Bullet Biting Time, take one

Computer neepery surrounding my dead backup Hard Drive under the tag:

Iomega is shipping me a new power source which may revive it, but I have my doubts. Most likely scenario: I'll wind up with a new Iomega 1T but won't recover the data. I did lose some valuable information, and will have to live with that.

I've now been without a backup drive for a week. I spent large amounts of time over the weekend, researching drives and calling Microcenter and the Apple Store. I needed a large drive to use as backup that's reliable and quiet. Preferably FireWire 800. I would have gone eSATA if necessary, but that requires a new card and cable.

I've had very good luck with LaCie Drives. Indeed, the two FW drives I currently have are LaCie. One is ten years old, dating to my old G3, and one is four years old, dating to this current G5. Quiet, FW and so far reliable. I went to MacZones and ordered the same type of model, 1.5T Big Disk Extreme. I'll probably retire the smaller drive, since I haven't used it for anything but storing old G3 files.

Going through MacZones was a bit pricier than Amazon or Fly-By-Night Inc, but it was worth it to buy from a reputable company and they did give me come down off their web page price when I pointed to other offers. As long as I was buying something, I asked about Other Stuff. Nothing caught my fancy, but it seems that a 4G RAM kit for my four year old machine is cheap. I thought about that for 1.238 seconds.

I will more than double my RAM for significantly less than I'd paid for a 2G upgrade a couple of years ago. I don't actually need 7.5G of RAM (who does?) but it will probably make my current system more efficient and quieter. Adding the 2G made the system quieter, and I have hopes this will do even better. And now all eight RAM slots are taken, which appeals to my sense of symmetry.

I wish I hadn't been painted into a corner, but I bit the bullet and waded into the water.

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