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Marscon 2009: Friday, part I

The Census application went much faster than expected (I did pretty well, claimed the guy who scored my test) and so I got to Marscon a little earlier than planned. I registered and headed to Ops. There, Art had a map of the progress of the Invasion, which had just started.

Alien Invasion Progress Alien Invasion Progress
Art pointing to Mpls on map at Marscon 2009 March 6, 2009 Bloomington, MN

I was on three panels on Friday. The first was "Non-fiction for SF/F Fans" with Naomi Kritzer, Emily Stewart and PMF Johnson. I thought we slung some good suggestions, which occasionally generated side discussions so we had to bring the audience back to attention. My suggestions included: Autobiographies Harpo Speaks and The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Barbara Tuchman histories, Goedel Escher Bach, The Annotated Alice In Wonderland (to show the parodies that are long gone while the humor lives), The Cosmic Trigger and Holy Blood, Holy Grail and sequels.

the great Luke Ski and Earl Luckes as Kirk the great Luke Ski and Earl Luckes as Kirk
Opening Ceremonies, Marscon March 6, 2009 Bloomington, MN

Opening Ceremonies was fun, as usual. Some good puns and pop references.

Next I interviewed the Music Guest of Honor, a long time friend, Wally Pleasant. As in the podcast, he was great. We had a fun time, and his wife got into the act. Unfortunately, we didn't have many people in the audience, and I expected a bunch of the Dementia Musicians.

Wally Pleasant and Baron Dave Wally Pleasant and Baron Dave
Marscon March 6, 2009; Bloomington, MN

This was the second year in a row where Programming rescheduled a panel at the request of the Dementia Musicians, and the second year in a row where their attendance was little to none. It won't happen again.

Last year, not only for being dissed over Programming that was specifically targeted for musicians, I was very discouraged. This year, I'm pissed, in a "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" sort of way. No, I'm not angry at anyone in particular, but I won't underestimate the insular nature of the Dementia track and won't drag Marscon through any hoops because of them.

I had lots of good times with many of my musician friends. Indeed, wormquartet almost rescued the Dementia track's standing with me by... well, that will have to wait until I get to the pictures from later in the evening.

The next panel was "Podcasting 101". The guy who wanted the panel, who scheduled 101 and Saturday's "Podcasting 102", leaving me as the lone presenter. This enabled me to talk to Wally for longer, as I was in the same room for two panels in a row.

I expounded on the history and definitions of the technical terms for the podcasting neos in the audience, then went on about radio and such when I ran out of steam. I seemed to entertain the crowd, which grew, so it went well.

Then there was more of the con. But that will have to wait.

Continues with Marscon 2009: Friday, part II

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