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Marscon 2009: Friday, part II: "Mommy's House Broken"

continuing from Marscon 2009: part I

Consarnit! Consarnit!

Eric Heideman, wearing his "Dusty or Lefty: The Lives of the Cowboys" t-shirt and Minnesota-sized Texax hat to push his western-themed convention, Krushenko's, Marscon 3/6/09

After my three panels, it was time to party. The major party floor was the Concierge 13th level, like it is for Convivial and 4th Street. There were parties on other floors, but I never made it to any of them. The Consuite was pretty good; it always had food and an interesting assortment of people. Across the way was Krushenko's. Eric Heideman has been running the literary discussion room for a long time, and generally has decent munchies, something to sip, sercon discussions and programming during the day. At night, the discussions are not always so literary.

Then down to hear one of my favorite of the Dementia Artists, Worm Quartet. Every now and then, I try to describe WQ to the uninitiated: As if Gilbert and Sullivan converted to the Church of the Subgenius; What would happen if Flo and Eddie (Frank Zappa's back-up singers who became the Turtles) channeled Clark Ashton Smith. Nothing quite encompasses the experience. Much as I like his CDs, wormquartet gives a fun concert. NSFW or other small animals, he likes to do After Hours concerts.

Alchav, the great Luke Ski, =ShoEboX= of Worm Quartet Alchav, the great Luke Ski, =ShoEboX= of Worm Quartet

=ShoEboX= invited his friends on stage for a number of songs. I joined him later for a brief take on his classic "Mommy's Broken" 3/6/09 (technically the 7th by this time).

One beloved ditty is called "Mommy's Broken", which is also the sum total of the lyrics. He's had guest artists do their variants. Many years ago, one popped into my head and I mentioned it to him. Like many Shockwave Radio Theater bits, it took a few years to gestate. We had arranged for me to join him on stage for my variant, but we never connected for a schedule and I was getting antsy. Indeed, his own version of "Mommy's Broken" was brilliant and earned a standing ovation.

Guest after guest went up to do songs, which was loads of fun. But the anticipation mounted. Well, for me, anyway. At last, my time to shine! I punted, I think: I got up there, people admired my hat, I played with various Tilley Hat configurations and didn't whip the audience into a frenzy. Still, it was fun, and I got to say, at long last, "Mommy's House Broken" to a roomful of people who got the joke. I hope. Was it worth the wait?

Still, the palpable tension had de-palpatated. I was free to pursue other projects of similar scope. More importantly, it was time to party.

Back up on 13, the parties were still going strong.

Tardis Tea Room Tardis Tea Room

Susan Woehrle serves a nice tea, with scones and other proper foodstuff available. Marscon, 3/6/09 (though technically the 7th).

Dr. Who is a British export, so Dr. Who fans set up the Tardis Tea Room, with a nice Tardis door and many items associated with High Tea. (See previous Marscon galleries.)

Green Lantern karaoke Green Lantern karaoke

The Green Lantern Corps won Best Party (iirc), with karaoke, the Alfred Bester oath on the wall and green. Marscon 3/6/09 (technically the 7th).

After a long Friday which (you may remember) began with testing for a Census job, I did a sweep of the party rooms. Mostly, I poked my head in just to see. They all looked interesting, and I chatted here and there. But it was time to go home. So I did.

continues with Marscon 2009: Saturday, Part I

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