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Marscon 2009: Saturday, Part I

continuing from Friday Part II

Science Room improvisation Science Room improvisation

A kid playing with an air pushing weapon/toy while wearing 3D glasses in the Science Room. Marscon 3/7/09

After not enough sleep, I arrive back at Marscon early enough to duck in to the Science Room. Even more than usual, the science geeks were having fun and letting others share. Marscon isn't set up for Child Care, but large swaths of it are kid-friendly. They'll even let you make weapons you don't have to peace bond!

Podcasting 102 (photo by Ben Huset) Podcasting 102 (photo by Ben Huset)

Shane Palmersheim, Jared Ringold and Baron Dave Romm, Marscon 3/7/09

On Friday, with the person who proposed the panel a no-show, I held forth on Podcasting 101 by myself. I had a neo or two plus a couple of techies who wanted to hear what I had to say, and people drifted in as the oration went on. On Saturday, even knowing the panel proposer was not going to be there, Shane, Jared and I launched into Podcasting 102. I thought it was a pretty good discussion, though we didn't have a particularly large audience. I brought my experience with Shockwave, from broadcasting to podcasting, and they brought their experience podcasting The Scope, a bi-monthly 90 minute production.

Being the geeks we are, we both brought our equipment. I brought my iPod with a microphone. They brought one of their mixing boards. As an experiment, we're both going to make podcasts out of our efforts. You can hear the first 20 minutes or so of the panel on my site at:

Podcasting 102 panel (23:13, mp3).

Presumably, you can hear their take on The Scope page at some point in the near future.

A trip upstairs to the consuite for some semi-proper food and then down to the Main Stage to hear some of my favorite musicians.

Battlestar Rhapsody chorus Battlestar Rhapsody chorus

Chris Mezzolesta, Tim Crist, Carrie Dahlby provide Queen-sized backing vocals for the great Luke Ski during "Battlestar Rhapsody" Marscon 3/7/09

I figured out how to enjoy the Dementia track: Only go hear the performers I like. If I don't like a new performer within a song or two, leave. This may seem obvious, and may be obvious, but as a broadcaster and reviewer I feel I should at least try new groups. This is still my plan, but I'm going to concentrate on the people I enjoy the most.

On of my faves, heard first at Marscon, is Power Salad, aka Chris Mezzolesta aka powersalad. He's an amazing performer, a ductile as Phil Proctor and as manic as Weird Al. He's also a communications equipment geek, and really wants to make it out to the Pavek Museum, for which he'll have to allot a whole day. Hee hee. He'll have more fun than the kid in the top picture.

Every now and then I forget how brilliant the great Luke Ski can be. I deliberately didn't get his August release, Target: Audience partially because he had songs about tv shows that I hadn't seen yet. Well, I'm glad I flixed Battlestar Galactica in time for Marscon; the first half of season 4 came out on DVD a few months ago. His opening song was Battlestar Rhapsody, set to the Queen song. I don't have Luke in this shot, but the tricky vocal work was handled well by powersalad, wormquartet and pixelene.

"Anywhere the fleet goes,
doesn't really matter to me… To me."

"My Favorite Part" is wonderful, a real ubergeek love paean. Another new to me entry was based on Babylon 5: A torch song from Londo Mollari of Babylon 5. . I have since rectified my omission and picked up the CD.

And then some other stuff happened.

(edited per comments)

continued in Saturday, Part II

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