Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Gunfight in the parking lot

Well, gunshots, anyway.

As I was leaving a store in the Hi-Lake mall (the newly rebuilt mall just east of Hiawatha on Lake, near the Target store mall), gunfire sounded behind me.

My instincts weren't sharp enough to throw myself to the ground, but I turned to look and backed into the shielding corner of the building. I tried to snap into Sherlock Holmes Observation mode, though there's no way to check: Five shots fired (maybe only 4?), medium tall black guy (5'10-6'), stubby facial hair (?), wearing a light gray sweatshirt with something on it, hood down. He was shooting a pistol; I didn't see him firing but I did see him pointing the weapon. When done, he paused and fled towards Lake Street.

By then it was all over. The whole thing was maybe 10 seconds max, possibly closer to 5. It was loud, and my right ear still feels it.

The guy he was shooting at was on the ground, cell phone a few feet away. "Are you okay?" I asked, and the several other people in the area also looked on. He got up, unharmed but shaken. "You dropped your cell phone," said another onlooker. He picked it up, looked around trepidatiously, and walked away, in the other direction from the shooter. There was no blood on the ground and he looked nervous but physically okay. The owner of the closest store popped his head out, and I assume the cops were called.

If it was a real shooting (which I had to assume in the heat of the moment), the guy was a lousy shot. His victim was 20-30 feet away. Directly behind him in the line of fire was my car. I looked it over for bullet holes and found nothing. I wasn't shaken or anything, but it was disturbing.

I drove home, parked in the garage downstairs. One of my neighbors was also getting out of his car, with his grandson. The kid, around 8, was in a good mood and we talked a bit. Unbidden,he gave me a hug. I needed that.

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