Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Saturday Morning Quiz Stomping

Over on Facebook, I've been clogging the news feed taking a lot of quizzes. Here they are in a bunch. So far.

Baron Dave Romm took the "Who's On First" quiz and discovered he's "I Don't Give A Darn".

Baron Dave Romm took the "What's your favorite number of quizzes to take?" quiz and scored a big fat 0. That's within two of being right.

Baron Dave Romm took the quiz "What shade of White are you?" I was #63: Off White.

Baron Dave Romm took the "Fish or Bicycle Quiz" with the result -- Indonesia.

Baron Dave Romm completed the "How do you pronounce 'tomato'" quiz and the result is "tomato".

Baron Dave Romm took the "How tall are you?" quiz. Twice. The first time I was 4'10". The second time I was 6'3". For a quiz with only one question, it seems poorly worded.

Next batch

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