Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Recent Mix CDs

After the success of Ascent Into Madness for the CD Exchange at Marscon/Minicon and beyond, I've been in a DJ mood. I've had requests to post the playlists of subsequent mixes, so here they are.

At sevenmpls's party at Grumpy's, the bar's entertainment was a beyond-karaoke interactive game called Rock Band (I think) where a bunch of people get onstage and "play" instruments as their part zips by on five different screens. It looked fun, but I went through the selections and didn't recognize the songs. I assumed they were recent pop hits.

At Minicon, alierajean and I were discussing this. She knew the songs, of course. I asked her to make me a mix CD of her favorite pop tunes. The next day, she had the CD. She didn't want an Ascent Into Madness CD, so I asked what she wanted. "Girly Music!" she replied proudly. I wasn't entirely sure what that meant, so I guessed, and quickly threw together a bunch of songs by, for and about women (mostly). The next day I presented:
Aliera Girly Music CD playlistCollapse )
She and Gillian seem to be enjoying the songs, most of which are probably new to them. I haven't wended my way through alierajean's CD yet, partially because I don't have a playlist.

A few days later, a friend who is very into music had never heard of Steeleye Span. Well! I can help with that.
Steeleye Span PrimerCollapse )
I don't have all my mix tapes in the database, do I can only comment on the CDs, of which this was burn #1015.

I have begun three mix CDs with False Knight on the Road, and ended three CDs with Saucy Sailor; two that begin and end with the pair including the Primer.

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