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Elvis vs. Bush

Elvis vs. Bush February 18, 2006 Post-show comment: Read it all, with banter between Brian and me.

If you're not listening, please turn on your radio now. This is Fresh Air Radio, KFAI, 90.3 FM in Minneapolis and 106.7 FM in St. Paul, radio without boundaries, and you're riding the Shockwave...

Good evening, I'm your host, David E Romm. With me is Brian Westley. Hello to everyone listening to Shockwave over the Internet or archived on For those of you listening on a podcast, this is February 18 YML 36, 2006CE. Many audio files, pictures and other stuff on Reminder that we're not on next week due to special Black History Month programming here on Fresh Air Radio. Tonight we have a very special show for you.

Let's talk Elvis. Elvis Presley has been highly popular for 50 years, and for very good reasons: He was a very good singer and highly entertaining crowd pleaser, up until his death in 1977. But let me get back to Elvis in a minute.

The Bush/Cheney Administration came into office as the All DUI ticket. Now, thanks to Dick Cheney's latest comical misadventure, the Bush Cheney administration is officially The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight. Cheney shoots a guy in the face and tries to cover it up. The absurd spin put on the incident put lie to one of the ultra-right's most cherished beliefs: Gun Control is Straight Shooting. The NRA and 2nd Amendment types should be all over the VP for screwing up royally, yet they're his staunchest defenders. Once again we see the ridiculous double standard from the right. Once again we see that Republicans are soft on crime... when it's theirs.

Religious fanatics of many religions are being dumber than usual, from Pat Robertson encouraging the assassination of elected leaders to Muslims on the West Bank electing a terrorist organization to represent them. Who are these people? Don't they realize just how bad they make their religion look? Do they care what you or I think? You see...

Oops, I dropped my Rose of the Prophet Mohammed on my Danish Rug. I should draw a cartoon about it. Where was I? Oh yeah... Hey people, control your own religious fanatics. The so-called blasphemous cartoons are pretty mild, as criticism goes, and if people are going to throw bombs in the name of the prophet, it's completely justified to make the same connection. Further, they were published in September, and the religious leaders only made a big deal over old cartoons when 350 died in Mecca during the Hadj. If you went ga-ga over a few cartoons and let the Saudis off the hook, no virgins for you.

Meanwhile, the religious fanatics on the Christian Right here in the US are suffering from an association with the Bush/Cheney gang. They have the presidency. And they have the Congress And they have the courts. But what they don't have is the hearts and minds of the American people. Fewer and fewer people actually support the lunatic, illegal, un-American activities of the Republicans who have to cheat to win elections. So much so, that George W. Bush's approval ratings have fallen under the percentage of the population that believes that Elvis is alive.

You knew I'd get back to Elvis, eh? With Bush's approval ratings in the mid-30s and falling, and Elvis's believers in the low 40s and holding steady, how much overlap can there be? I strongly suspect that Elvis believers and Bush's Core Constituents have a high correlation. But surely there are those too smart to believe anything George W. Bush or Dick Cheney says and yet can't find it in their hearts to let go of Elvis. What we're going to do here on Shockwave is pander to those dedicated souls who believe Elvis Presley is alive but do not approve of George W. Bush.

Elvis Was A Narc (edit) – Pinkard & Bowden 2:58
Elvis Is Everywhere – MoJo Nixon & Skid Roper 4:52
Don't Be Cruel – Elvis Presley 2:01 dedicated to Harry Whittington
Old MacDonald – Elvis Presley 2:07
Baba O'Riley – Dread Zeppelin 4:03
Graceland – Big Daddy 3:00
Viva Las Nagus – Great Luke Ski 2:30
The Fifties Suck – Pinkard & Bowden 3:18
Golden Slumbers... – Dread Zeppelin 5:27
Heartbreak Hotel – Stan Freberg 2:19
Song For Judy (edit) – Rev. Billy C. Wirtz 3:33 only one small Elvis reference, but I love to play this song

Addendum: The next show, Caribbean Jam, was late, and I managed to play all of the songs above (except Old MacDonald). Good thing I had a spare reggae song in there.

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