Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

MN-StF at May Day pt 1

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Sorry these are late in coming. I posted a bunch of May Day Parade/Festival pics on Facebook here and here, and then has a crisis of conscience: A good picture of Fiona contained a lousy shot of Delia. I eventually learned a new Photoshop tool and simply took the bad parts out. Other pics less severely edited. I love living in the future.

Martin at May Day Festival Martin at May Day Festival

mgs approaching MN-StF picnic area, after May Day Parade 5/3/09
Fiona drawing a Tarot card Fiona drawing a Tarot card

Fiona accepts the offer from dreamshark to draw from the Morgan's Tarot Deck. MN-StF picnic during the May Day Festival, Powderhorn Park 5/3/09
Seven, looking at Tarot Card Seven, looking at Taron Card

sevenmpls at the MN-StF picnic, May Day Festival, Powderhorn Park, 5/3/09
David and birthday girl Becca David and birthday girl Becca

chirosinger gets a birthday hug from davidschroth
Bill at Picnic Bill at Picnic

bchbum_98 at MN-StF picnic, Powderhorn Park 5/3/09

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