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The Minnesota Connection for mle292

Hey, Marscon is coming up fast, and if I'm going to prod wormquartet into burning CDs, I better get on the ball too. mle292 and I agreed to exchange mix tapes at the con, and here is mine. The CD jewel case will have a listing of the songs and artists, but there's so much more. I'll put this behind a cut for those of you not interested. Generic note: Making the mix got a lot easier when I expanded beyond the subject matter of the songs to include local artists.

The Minnesota Connection

1 The Road – Nate Bucklin 4:54
A great version of this song, from his latest album.

2 Under The Quarter Moon – Carla Sciaky 4:23

3 The Wood-Tick Song – Rich and Roady 3:18
Roady Tate, of Riverfolk fame.

4 Turn Of The Wrench – Dana Lyons 6:50

5 Bummer – Warren King w/Nate Bucklin 3:15 [*]
Warren was a MN-STFer when this was recorded.

6 Recipe for Love – Tetes Noires 2:51 [**]
They gave lots of local concerts in the early 80s.

7 Luntennial Promo – Shockwave Radio 1:32
We had fun.

8 The Fair – Ann Reed 3:22
9 Roseville Fair – Bill Staines 3:26
10 Renaissance Faire – Blackmoor's Night 4:15
The first is about the Minnesota State Fair, the second may or may not be about the burb.
The third song is the only real cheat, since it's not a MN artist or specifically about a MN event, but it certainly fits in here.

11 99 1/2 Won't Do – Sabathani Choir 2:43

12 Preposterous – Nate Bucklin 3:22
Another good version from the album.

13 The Reincarnation Song – Howard Harrison 4:07

14 Fairy Tale – Jane Frietag w/Nate Bucklin 2:30 [*]
Jane was a Milwaukee fan who lived in Mpls for a while.

15 Home – Riverfolk 3:04

16 Rue The Day – Folk Underground 3:11
A slight cheat, as the group is from Wisconsin, but the song is produced in Mpls and written by frequent visitor Jane Yolen.

17 Minnesota Rouser – Minnesota Marching Band :59
The U of M Marching Band!

18 River – Bill Staines 4:20
Recorded in Mpls at the Cafe Extempore

19 Upper Mississippi Shakedown – Lamont Cranston 3:46

20 Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota – Weird Al Yankovic 6:46

21 Marscon 2004: Dr. Demento Bumpers 2:21
A small selection. I don't know if he used any of these on his show, but they were a lot of fun to make.

[*] Recorded by Baron Dave in his living room, circa 1981
[**] Digitized at the request of the artists


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