Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Week in review: UP, lost jacket, an accident and a win

My car was in an accident on Friday. I wasn't in the car; an SUV backed into where I had carefully parked to avoid cars hitting me. The driver found me and admitted fault, and I've dealt with her insurance company and they're all set to pay off and give me a loaner while it's being repaired. The back left door was stove in and the wheel well bent. The Emerald Starship drives, but feels off and sometimes the wheel scrapes. It looks pretty bad and I'm going to have them check on alignment and such. Not a big deal, in the larger scheme of things, but annoying and will cost me time.

Over ten years, the car has a few dings and scratched, but has never been in an accident where anyone was moving more then five miles an hour. Still, I'm glad I have underground parking.

Saw UP earlier in the week, which I liked a lot. Quite moving. The ads and previews don't tell you anything useful about the movie, which is too bad for attendance figures but is good for the audience: It's best if you don't have any preconceptions. See it in 3D if possible, nicely done.

I managed to lose my jacket. The new Fall/Spring jacket I just got in January. My old jacket is dying, and I have several others, sent by my mother, in replacement but none are really the single middle-range cover I like. I'm a creature of habit, and it's best if I just reach for one. Unfortunately, this jacket was new, I'd been rotating with the other jackets, and the day was warm enough that I didn't need it just to walk to the car. When I left the restaurant, I remembered my hat but completely spaced the coat. I called an hour later, and they didn't have it. Grump grump grump.

Went to the Lyndale Neighborhood Association Crime and Drug Committee meeting. Basically, the police meet with citizens to explain what's going on and get input and volunteers. I'm on the Condo Board and wanted to keep up with events around our building. Short report: Crime is down, sometimes way down, except for theft, which is way up. The economy is the most likely explanation.

Went out to Savage to meet people from Hudson Valley, where I'm from (more or less) in NY. Many Facebookians said they'd be there, but few showed up. A small meeting, but a nice time.

We won at Trivia last night. Really tough questions but we got the last (and most important) so pulled out of our tie for first to win outright. With the lowest score I can recall ever winning with.

I'm currently at home waiting for a call from the insurance company, then will head out to the Collision and Glass place to drop off my car and get a loaner.

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