Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

The totaled car saga: A turn for the better

If Progressive Insurance is the villain in this tale of auto errata, then Mark Hudoba of Walser Collision and Glass in Bloomington is the hero. After much worry and calls to several insurance companies, estimators and body shops, my car is back home.

Progessive's estimators determined that it would cost more to fix the Emerald Starship than it was worth. This was based on a high estimation of the work needed to fix the damage 100% caused by a Progressive driver (I wasn't even in the legally parked car) and a low estimation of its worth. They have already sent my insurance company the notice that it was totaled and is considered salvage. This will affect my title, but I'm not sure how. I'm hoping that this will reduce my insurance, but probably not.

My options:

Plan A: Get Walser to re-estimate the cost of repairs using cheaper options, such as a used door.

Plan B: Go to other body shops for an estimation to see what they will come in on.

Plan C: Take the kind offer of invader_tak_1 to use a BFH, cruise the salvage yards for a door, and basically do minimal fix ups that probably include having a door a different color than the rest of the car.

As it turns out, my time spent talking to the General Manager of Walser was a good investment, because I'm taking...

Plan D: Have Walser C & G bang out the wheel well so the tire doesn't hit it and use a suction cup to pop out the worst of the dents in the door. Mark didn't charge me anything. The car is still salvage, which will affect resale, it looks like it's 10 years old (which it is), I'm not done negotiating with Progressive and next time I get my oil changed at Amigo I'm also going to have them check the alignment.

I'm going to take the money and run. Amazingly, since I can almost certainly get more for the car in its current condition than Progressive thinks, I have enough from the settlement and theoretical sale for a sizable down payment on a new car. But I'm not going to do that. I still like the Emerald Starship, dents and all.

Current condition after Mark did some quick work with hammer and suction cup and I applied the first coating of touch-up paint. Compare original dents.

Thanks to everyone who commented and made suggestions. You were a big help.

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