Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Caroline, or Change

I'm still not sure I like Caroline, or Change, but I'm glad to have seen it. I went with Johanna, a Broadway musical maven who has been in more productions of musical theater than I've seen live (or thereabouts). She was blown away.

I still have mixed feelings. Caroline is a "musical" in roughly the same way that a Jackson Pollock is a "painting". And I don't like Pollack's work. Caroline extends the Wagnerian trope of using music as theme and exposition more than just as song, mushing it into John Cage's exploration of ambient background noise. Like the rest of the play, when it works it works spectacularly. When it doesn't work, it's... interesting but doesn't come to resolution.

You should go see it. The Guthrie is pricey but the production is stellar and the singer/performers are exceptional. It's best to go without knowing all that much about what's going to happen and let it wash over you. I'll just mention that it takes place in rural Louisiana in 1963 and that one of the main characters is exactly the same age I was at the time, and we share similar (though not identical) experiences.

And this was on the same day as I had a root canal, ran into David Egge, and avoided dealing with the insurance people over the car. It's been a stressful week and a half. I look forward to Carolyn, and Tom as a coda...

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