Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

The Wedding of Carolyn and Tom, part the third

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Carolyn Carolyn

The rewards and the dangers of candid photography. Not a good pic of Tom's brother John or of thorintatge, but a great shot of cari_rose, so it's a keeper. Wedding of Carolyn and Tom 6/20/09
The Fathers The Fathers

l-r: Brother of the groom, father of the groom, groom, bride, father of the bride. Steve, who officiated, filled out the proper forms and got the necessary signatures, then gave it to his counterpart for delivery to the government. I latched on to the moment: "Using the vast power of my position as unofficial photographer, I want all of you to stand here."
Cass and Mitch Cass and Mitch

I posed judith_dascoyne and Mitch for several shots, so naturally the candid pic came out the best. Wedding of Carolyn and Tom 6/20/09
Liz and Josh Liz and Josh

The rewards and dangers of posing people. The fill flash worked and you can see most of Liz' tat, yet the background is still overexposed. But the moment is captured and the good aspects of the picture make it worthy. Wedding of Carolyn and Tom 6/20/09

Continued from part the bubble and continuing to part the older brother's family.

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