Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

The Totaled Car Saga: End Game

Well, I got the check from Progressive today, so I guess it's official: They screwed up bigtime. If they had taken the final numbers we negotiated, valuing the car properly and working with Walser Collision and Glass for repair work, Progressive would have just fixed the car and saved themselves a lot of money.

As it is, I have a large check from Progressive and a banged-up but eminently drivable piece of "salvage" that will be great for another ten years if I want it to. Not my ideal resolution, but I'll take it.

Since I'll be in that neighborhood again, I have a mad desire to park in the exact same place -- a perfectly legal and safe spot under reasonable circumstances -- where the lady who backed into the Emerald Starship can see her handiwork. I'm not a vengeful person, but her karma needs some balance..

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