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2009 Minnesota Fringe -- Day 2: A remarkable success

Even though I've given each of these only 4 kitties, I'd recommend all of them... for completely different reasons.

This Show Will Change Your Life ****

"Life Lessons In 50 Minutes"

Two years ago, a similar theme was presented in "The Opportunity". This year, the message has been honed down to the comedic nub: Motivational speakers that make too much sense. Very funny, though the audience interaction doesn't quite work. They had me at Bess... Four and a half kitties rounded down for a weak ending. A Shockwave Radio Theater Review.

A lot of laughs delivered well, and this was the first showing. Needs a shade of polishing, but a rollicking good time. Easily the funniest of the three tonight, and also the least fringy.

Re: Trace ****

I wanted the title to be: The most time I've ever spent in a women's restroom but it wouldn't fit, so:
Places you don't normally think about

Very fringy and highly recommended. Six women wordlessly explore several levels of converted warehouse space. They writhe on the floor, climb walls, create shadows, run though the crowd. All viewpoints are unique. Precisely what they're doing and why is never explained, but you won't look at office space in quite the same way again. A Shockwave Radio Theater Review.

A bit too free form with no coherent plot or theme for me to appreciate it as a dance piece, but the conceptual artist in me really got into the use of space, light and movement. I took a bunch of pictures (I asked, and it was okay if I didn't use flash) and am only going to post three here. See FB gallery.

Re: Trace Re: Trace

Dancers use the space at the Colonial Warehouse for the Fringe. 7/31/09
Re: Trace:  The longest I've ever been in a women's restroom Re: Trace: The longest I've ever been in a women's restroom

Dancers use the space at the Colonial Warehouse for the Fringe. 7/31/09
Re: Trace:  Rolling UP the incline Re: Trace: Rolling UP the incline

Dancers use the space at the Colonial Warehouse for the Fringe. 7/31/09

Day 2 was designed as an easy day, in anticipation of an intense weekend. As it was, with all the Showcases and such, I was starting to feel a little burnt out and needed a rest. Johanna and I skipped a slot and had dinner at the Jerusalem. Somewhat to my surprise, a belly dancer came on. "They normally only have belly dancing Friday and Saturday." "It's Friday, Dave." "Oh yeah."

The ecdysiast wasn't particularly good, and didn't seem to be trying hard; I don't blame her, much of the crowd was drunk and few were paying attention to her with any sort of pleasure. It reminded me of just how valuable the Fringe is: Even dance pieces I don't like have moxie.

We finally made it to the show I had been anticipating for a long time.

Storm Stills ****

Probably brilliant

As is often the case with the Nonsense Company, understanding is less important than letting the sound and images wash over you. Ignore the description. It's sort of about King Lear or about the play King Lear or about people playing characters in the play King Lear. Among other things. More choreographed than acted, the sound and lighting design is integral to the plot. If there is a plot. Perhaps they are communicating with their communication skills. Perhaps whatever is going wrong can be cured by hydrotherapy. The unique venue both adds and subtracts from the experience. Steel yourself for a long show at the end of a long evening. A Shockwave Radio Theater Review.

We didn't have to sit in 2nd grade desk chairs, but the auditorium seats were hard to take for and hour and a half. The show was fascinating to watch and parts of it seemed to cohere, but only parts. So... not for everyone. I'm glad I saw it on an easy day.

Continued from Day 1 and continuing on to Day 3: A solid B+.
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