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Baron Dave Romm

2009 Minnesota Fringe -- Day 5: An easy day

After an intense weekend of ten fringes, I needed an easy day. Ben's show and Pipa were priorities but they were in different venues, and I was a little worried about in a Rarig show. Fortunately, Augsberg and the Rarig are only three blocks apart.

Animal Cracker Genocide ****

"... severe penalties if you're late."

Of the Rockstar Storytellers, Ben San Del is the best stand up comedian. He draws you into his world until he becomes part of the audience. The material jibes perfectly with his timing and delivery. He's comfortable within his own skin, and you get to share the best parts. A Shockwave Radio Theater Review.

I didn't take any pictures on Monday, but Ben San Del (bottom pic) looks much the same as last year.

Livelihood ***

Went on for too long

Monty Python did this sketch in five minutes. The two actors are terrific and sustain a slight idea for a long time, but alas the material starts to get old about halfway through. Great attempt and much is very funny, but neither the characters nor the writing rise above the original premise. A Shockwave Radio Theater Review.

My extra show. Perhaps it's just me, but this year many Fringe shows don't fit comfortably in the Fringe time slots. This is a great example. Livelihood would work much better as one of three skits in a 50 minute show, but they forced a full hour.

Pipa ****


Tamara Ober isn't so much a dancer as a contortionist. She moves her body in and around the minimal set in ways you have to see to believe. The story is serious but slight: A girl with no sense of direction gets lost. She wriggles through to an emotional finale. Four and a half kitties reluctantly rounded down. A Shockwave Radio Theater Review.

Most everyone else gave her five kitties, and I can't disagree too much. She gives a bravura performance. But I just couldn't justify a five kitty rating. Perhaps this was my first rating on a curve, and there are too many other shows I've seen that I've rounded up to five. Oh well. Highly recommended, especially for dance aficionados.

Up for tonight:

Intermedia The Actor's Nightmare (5:30)
Nomad The Traveling Musicians (7:00)
Mixed Blood An Intimate Eveniing with Fotis (10:00)

One online review mentioned that The Actor's Nightmare is only 40 minutes, which should give me enough time to shoot across town to the Nomad. Unfortunately for me, nothing interesting is playing close by at 8:30 so I have a long gap before Fotis.

Continued from Day 4: Great heights in unexpected places and continuing to Day 6: A cracked day.

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